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Absolute Daytrader is the premiere Emini Futures Trading publication available on the internet. We actively trade S&P and Russell Emini Futures - focusing on short-term positions each day. Our investment approach is designed for you!

Emini trading signals are delivered in our live emini trading room each morning. As a member you will see my actual trading desktop and watch as the emini system automatically trades the emini futures.

Trading emini futures doesn't have to be complicated. In fact we take the opposite approach and use no indicators in our emini trading. Yep, no trading indicators are used.

You will be amazed by the accuracy of this emini trading system called live in our emini trading room. You will see everything live and in real time tick-by-tick.

Emini Trading Membership Includes

Emini Futures Picks
Exact Exit Levels
Exact Entry Levels
Extensive Market Commentary
Emini Trading

Consistent Emini Trading System


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ONE signal per market each day called LIVE inside the trading room near the opening bell. Easy to jump in & out and get done for the day.








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"You guys amaze me...11 winners without a loss!"
Carl L.

"Your charts are absolutely great..."
John Tucker

"I trade options and your fair-value predictions are incredible"
Frank Wilson

"I've tried all of the eMini sites, the Absolute Daytrader is the BEST! Lifetime subscriber."
Neal Patell

"Another win with Russell, Thanks"
Phillip Westin